Morasha is committed to supporting every Jewish child in achieving their full potential, independent of their, behavioral, developmental, financial, or academic abilities and circumstances.

Kids Speak

" I've been a student here at Morasha for two years. Before I came to school at Morasha, I was at another school and it was very big, so I didn't really learn a lot. But at Morasha, because it's one on one it's easier to learn. What I like best about this school is that it's very warm and a lot of people, care about you. The teachers are really nice and Rabbi Harrosh is very thoughtful. He thinks that everything should be about Ahavas Yisrael. It's also easier to make friends because it's a small school and all the kids are very nice."


— Moshe, 8th Grade

" I told my mother about some of the troubles I was having in my previous school and she thought hmm... I'll homeschool him, but having no friends I was just so bored, I couldn't learn anything. When she saw I wasn't very happy being homeschooled. She found Morasha. It's a small school and there were only like four or five kids in the class, it's just nice that you're never in a big classroom that could allow for bullying. My favorite area is science, which actually started out of a curiosity to know how the technology works and so I'm hoping I could be a scientist. "


— Aryeh, 4th Grade

Parents  Speak

Being here has allowed my son to flourish. His classroom is small enough to keep him comfortable and focused enough to be able to absorb the material. The teacher is able to spend one on one time with him to make sure he stays on track. He is loved by the rest of the students. He can now read in Hebrew and English, learn halachah reading by himself, and daven baal peh. This is what the center is doing for my son and my family. "



״ חנוך לנער על פי דרכו... ״


Rabbis Speak

" The responsibility of the lay leaders in the community is to see that no child is left behind, that each and every student gets what they need. The principal's council as well as the Rabbonim, the movers and shakers of the city need to see to it that a school like Morasha in a city like Los Angeles that has the ability to support a school like this is supported. Cities who financially struggle a lot more than our city have managed to support these types of schools."


R' Bursztyn


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Morasha Hebrew Academy, the program where “no Jewish child is left behind,” held its annual dinner at Ahavat Israel Congregation. The hall was filled to capacity as students  and supporters of the program spoke about its impact on their lives and on the Los Angeles Jewish community as a whole. The dinner was also attended by principals of other local Jewish schools, such as Rabbi Kupfer of Maimonides, Rabbi Krause and Rabbi Goldenberg of Toras Emes, Rabbi Langer of the Mesivta of L.A., and Rabbi Gottesman of the Calabasas Mesivta. Even before the dinner, the principals expressed their support for Morasha in a video circulated in the community. Rabbi Yoel Bursztyn of Bais Yaakov passionately urged the community to support Morasha, calling it a cause “of paramount importance"


Morasha Student Reporter

May 9, 2019

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