Program Summary



The Morasha Special Education Director examines the learning profile of each child to design a highly individualized educational curriculum.



In addition to an academic plan, behavior and social/emotional plans are created for each student as needed. Our on-staff Special Ed director works to develop a plan that includes behavior management, social skills training, and peer group integration.


Throughout the day there are opportunities for Morasha students to socialize with same-age peers across curricular and extra-curricular activities.  


Our unique combination of services are as follows: 


  • Targeted Instruction
    Students are provided with direct instruction in small groups by a Morasha Special Educator to optimize learning.    

  • Inclusion with Instructional Support
    Students are placed in a general education classroom with a Behavioral assistant or teacher for guided support.

  • Supplemental Services
    Supplemental students These can be a combination of targeted instruction, educational support, or extra curricular activities.


  • Social/Emotional Services 

    • Social/emotional profile of each child is developed

    • Behavior management plan is implemented as needed

    • Weekly Social Skills Groups as needed

  • Educational Coordination (case management) 
    Every student is assigned an educational coordinator who communicates regularly with all Morasha third-party professionals and parents. 

  • Communication
    Excellent home-to-school communication is what helps determine the success of our students. Bi-weekly weekly meetings between all school staff and outside professionals who interact with each student to ensure an integrative holistic approach. 

Universal Design for Learning

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