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Afterschool Programming 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you for responding to the survey about extracurricular activities! We determined that there is strong interest in such classes. Our next step is to make sure that we have the minimum number of students necessary to hold these classes. Below are descriptions of the options, along with the prices per child per class. We plan to offer the classes once a week during the first semester of the school year, until winter break. Please email me directly at and let me know which classes you are committing to, and for how many students. Please be aware that once you commit you cannot pull out at the last minute, as we will be counting your child(ren) towards the necessary minimum.If you are not ready to commit, but are strongly interested, please email me and let me know, so I can keep you posted about whether the minimum has been reached.

If your participation depends on whether the cost can be covered by school funds or scholarships, please let me know that also.

Thank you!

Yehudis Litvak

1) Morasha Boys Choir (continues from last year).

Description by Moshe Storch, the teacher:

"Shalom my name is Moshe Storch and I am a singer/guitarist locally in LA. Being part of a choir builds strong positive unity by being in sync with one another and strong confidence within the boys. Besides for all that the rehearsals will be a lot of fun. "

Cost: dependent on class size, approx. $10/class.

2) Lego Engineering

What can you do with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO®? In our Engineering with LEGO® enrichment program, take on real-life engineering challenges. In our classes, explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering. Find inventive solutions in a fun-filled context that supports the growth of young minds through hands-on, minds-on learning. Cost: $16/90-min class.

3) Proffesional Gymnastics With R. Goldbart

During after-school programs, children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take-home things that they have made themselves like model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science slime, and more! Our hands-on, one-hour science programs offer a variety of earth, physical and life science and include topics such as electricity, magnetism, robotics and more.

Cost: $16/class.

4) Kids to Kings Chess, with focus on inclusion


Kids to Kings connects two things that were meant to be together: Children and Chess. The company was started by Chess Mentor, Brian Julian who began his Chess career in 2010 working for an after-school program that services under privileged children in the Compton area. He was so inspired that a few years later he founded "Kids To Kings" in order to bring the joy of this 2000 year old "game of kings" to children's homes, in a one on one setting. Since then it has grown rapidly servicing homes in every part of town. The company also has several after-school, home-school, and summer camp programs. The best part of Chess is how it simply and subtly reminds children of important kingly core values such as Nobility, Perseverance, Responsibility, Benevolence, and Kindness. Actually, the best part of the game is how it creates a level playing field for all involved. It breaks down the barriers of class, race, wealth, and status and gives each child an equal opportunity for success. Chess isn't just a game, it is life!

Cost: dependent on class size, approx. $10/class.

5) Melodica lessons with Mrs. Leah Perl of Kids Corner LA.

Learn to play beautiful Jewish Niggunim on the Melodica Instrument, in 6-8 Classes. Students will receive a song book which uses a color-coded letter as a teaching method. No musical back round required. Students may take their skills and apply them to beginners piano.

Cost: $25/class.

6) Integrated sensory class with Mrs. Nechama Tyner.

"My goal is to use the senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing to explore Hashem's amazing world with your child. Each class will be a different hands-on learning experience. Together we will ask question and make discoveries each child at their own level and ability. With a passion for learning from the smallest ant to the large planets of the solar system I will create learning experiences that will G-D willing spark excitement and make leaning fun!" Cost: dependent on class size, Cost: approx. $25/60-90 min class.

7) Book club with Mrs. Yehudis Litvak.

"We’ll read and discuss classic adventure novels, such as Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe. The boys will need to read (or listen to the audiobook version of) the books on their own time. They’ll have a month to finish the book. We’ll meet once a month, discuss the book, and do a book-related activity."

Cost: free of charge, but parents are required to make sure that their child(ren) read or listen to the book. Feel free to read the book aloud to the child(ren) – it’s a great bonding activity.


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