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The Miracle Of Chanukkah

Transcription of speech :

The miracle of Chanukah is that the amount of Oil that should have lasted for one day lasted for eight days. Their is a known question that If so, why do we light for eight days? we are celebrating the miracle, which was only the extra last seven days? The answer is that it wasn’t enough even for one day. To light the menorah you need three and a half measurements called "lugim" . That flask of oil only contained three lugim. So it’s a

half a lug less than what was needed. Now this leads to another question. Why would there be a flask of oil in the beis Hamikdash that's not enough to do anything with? and here's another question. We know that on the flask of oil there was the Cohen gadols personal seal. Now the Cohen gadol is the highest ranking person in the world. The highest ranking person in holiest place in the world is in charge of oil?!

The answer is this. The Cohen gadol brought that flask of oil for his own mincha. For this you only need three luging, which is why it wasn't enough to do anything because it didn't need to do anything. It just needed to be in the beis hamikdash and that is also why it had the cohens gadols personal seal. He bought it with his own money it’s not he was in charge of it but it was his.

Now, before I go on, I like to share this poem about the story of Yehudis and it goes like this.

Aryeh's Chanukkah Poem

Head of Elipourni

Elipourni was the name of the foolish general who seized Jerusalem in hope for emeralds. He cut their water pipes and, stopped their hunting, and gave his men shifts despite all their grunting. But a women named Yehudis will soon bring his end with cheese and wine and one risky plan. So Yehudis went to the soldier in charge of the place and asked to see elipournis face. They let her in under tight guard. But when elipornis heard her words, he grew light as a shard. I'm a prophetess and I'm on your side. If you want to know when to attack them then spear my hide. And if I am to know the day you must let me into the woods twice to pray, elipourni issued orders with the light for a party that would last all night. Of course Yehudis was invited and pretended to look delighted to lead the way. I brought cheese and wine she said with a swagger to to get the money I had to sell my husband's dagger. And so elipourni gobbled the cheese, but it was so salty. he could barely speak Chinese. With a big gulp the wine was gone. With a big fat flock his day was done. Then yehudis quietly drew his mighty sword and severed his head with the help of the Lord. When she went to the wall. She wasn't stopped and she informed the gatekeepers of the second part of her plot. The next day when the soldiers found elipournis neck rotting, the Jews raised his head on the broad iron railing. In total fear the army retreated and elipourni and his hoard were defeated.


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