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Individual attention is the key to Morasha Center's approach

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The Morasha Educational Center is quietly serving a niche community of students thanks , in part to the vision of the school's principal Rabbi Shlomo Harrosh who lives by the motto of "no Jewish child left Behind. What makes Morasha unique is its student population. The all-boys school caters to highly gifted individuals with learn ing differences. Sometimes the student is on the autism spectrum, or struggles with issues like attention deficit disorder while other students simply failed to thrive in a traditional school setting and require more resources. Morasha serves both home schoolers - who can join students a couple of times a week for classes or trips - and full-time students in grades kindergarten to 8th grade in Judaic and secular studies.

Morasha - located on Beverly Boulevard directly across from Pan Pacific Park - began when Perutz Etz Jacob Hebrew Academy shut Its doors in 2016 due to a lack of funding. As the former principal of Perutz Etz Jacob , Rabbi Harrosh Says that he worked to find new schools for most of the Students However, for various reasons , there was still a small body of students that was left without a place to transfer. That's when Harrosh says he called "an emergency meeting" with school stakeh olders and local religious leaders. These children cannot be left behind , he urged them"Things evolved from there," Rabbi Harrosh explained. Tifereth Zvi Synagogue offered Rabbi Harrosh some Classroom space, while others volunteered their time and by 2017, Morasha was serving more than a dozen students with a customized curriculum.

Rabbi Harrosh is passionate in his belief that allI of his students can succeed in learning by the school just providing the right environment. one that develops their strengths while giving one-on-one support to any differences in learning. "'The key is individual attention . " Rabbi Harrosh told me last month at the Morasha campus . At that exact moment there was some commotion in a nearby classroom. · For example, that student was getting too upset in class. So one of the teachers took him on a short walk to clear his head." said Rabbi Harrosh . To provide that kind of individual attention , the school tries to maintain a two-to-one student -teacher ratio .

For at least one local student the school has made all the difference Fourth grader Aryeh says that he loves his new school: "I was homeschooled , but didn't Have any friends . Now I can Walk t o school and I have many friends," the Fairfax resident said with a big smile Rabbi Harrosh notes that Aryeh , as a homeschooled student was sitting at home struggling with how to express himself but now he is a student thriving both academically and socially. "We want each child to reach his full potential and our formula is to utilize the student"s abilities . building off his strengths. - said Rabbi Harrosh. While the school is religious- based and offers group prayers and a strong Hebrew education . It also offers a secular curriculum with electives such as computer programming, art and music . To learn more visit .