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Morasha Student Reporter

My name is Aryeh Carmel and I am

a 4th grader at Morasha Hebrew Academy . As to my education. I am convinced that Morasha is a better school than all others I have been to.We have almost as many adults in this school as s students on campus. Teachers really pay attention to each of us and help us all the time. We have parents who support us bring their vision to our school. What makes us unique is that we have zero tolerance for bullying thanks to what we had learned from Gabriella Van Rij in person, who brought her heart -warming book, I Can Fight My might and shared heart warming experience with us last year. We also like to discuss issues of proper behavior and respect, and want to be better students. We are such a small community that everyone knows one another. It is great to be able to spend a lot of time together on and off campus. we take regular field trips with friends and families. We learn a lot by discussing our monthly trips and meet new people. I am grateful that Morasha makes it all possible for me. These are some of the reasons why I would like to stay at this school as many years as possible.